Mad Farmer is a line of premium plant additives, supplements and controls that is designed to enhance your preferred brand of fertilizer. Mad Farmer products are formulated in the U.S.A. using food grade ingredients without the use of bulking agents or dyes. This helps maintain a very pure, potent and clean product line. While Mad Farmer products excel in hydroponic systems, they are compatible with all grow media, so farmers growing with soil, coco or hydroponics can feel comfortable adding them to their normal feeding regimen *. Novice gardeners and master horticulturalists alike can count on Mad Farmer to deliver consistent, exceptional quality products that are easy to use at affordable prices!

*Read product labels carefully before use.

Get Down – pH Adjuster

Get Up – pH Adjuster

Mad Roots Starter Plugs

M.O.A.B. – Mother Of All Blooms

Nutrient Uptake Solution – N.U.T.S.



Be One

Root It Clone Gel

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